Topsky F7X FPV Video Goggles - first batch version


Well goggles for such price could be much better, but they still looks nice and someday will be good product value for money!



What's GOOD

  • Build quality, really nice filling
  • Good reception of VRX/antenna combo
  • Nice carrying box (could be smaller)
  • 4h battery BOX type
  • FOV:42 Degree, IPD: 58~72mm
  • Resolution:1280*720(0.5”LCoS) back light
  • Screen sensor, Input power range 7-18v
  • HDMI and ports

What's BAD

  • DOES NOT SAVE any SETTINGS! After power off...
  • Oh common atleast brightness and CHANNEL!
  • Bad place for SD card, why alwasy remove cover?
  • Slow channel search
  • Terrible dvr even after fw update (fixed colors)
  • Blurry corners OLED rainbow lines...
  • Small module bay for aftermarket modules
  • Cooler too loud, air gets in eyes (don't use with fan ON!)
  • Silicone does not holds in place
  • Foam sticked with adhesive stripes?!
  • Not totally dark inside
  • (Light can get inside and red color led also)
  • No fast one click brightness/contrast adjustments
  • Bad 3d quality
  • No head tracker


TopSky F7X v1:
Eachine EV100:
Eachine EV200D: - 4 diversity!
Skyzones: - great price now with DVR!
Aomway Commander:

VRX modules for goggles/screens
Great VRX module with Open Source:
True D:

Eachine EV100 DVR:



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