Mr. Steele FrSky XD9P Limited Special Edition - money for what?



What you get with this limited special edition KIT?


1) The caring case with FrSky logo, in nice black color, with good handle. You can get one for QX7 and X9D+ from here: or similar


2) Everything cut'ed to right size, there is extra place for bigger antenna (P.S. only small antenna was included - ehh big one costs about 5-10$ why not to include it? get yours here:


3) Stickers and nice Anti-skidding PU Transmitter Hand Tray - P.S. you can get similar from here:

SMA adapter, charger and neckstrap


4) Small RP-SMA male removable antenna, you can get big 5dBi antenna from here:



5) Transmitter holder. You can get one from here (5$): there is more elegant one (7$):


6) Stick protection cups (not 3d TPU printed), you can get similar PLA 3D printed from here:






7) You get dissent quality switches and knobs, really great quality and flicking feel. (similar rubber Anti-slipping Stick Switch Caps:, Switch cover nuts:




8) High Sensitivity Hall Sensor Gimbal, get yours M9 set: or M9-Race (45% throttle): or M9 Red color:


9) Inside is very good quality loudspeaker, similar here: .


10) Custom colored case with labeled screen.


Is it worth to upgrade?

Well if you wanna have limited special edition item with hi end quality parts inside for extra money, or you just love a great quality items - than YES!

But if you don't want to spend much money, really what you need is only M9 Hall gimbals, and with time a better switches and speaker.

Over all this is a great modification radio with great parts!

You can get yours from here:

Also cheaper Frsky Qx7 version (P.S you'll need a mod to make it working with TBS CrossFire): QX7S version:

The end of line version FrSky Horus X10S

And new secret version: FrSky X-Lite:


Thanks GordisFPV for sample.


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