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This channel is dedicated to RC flying models, jet engines and the occasional rant about things like electric cars and energy scams. It's goal is to be both entertaining and informative. You decide if it succeeds in doing that and, if you like it, please subscribe. You might also want to visit my other YouTube channel, RCModelReviews where I cast an objective eye over new products in the RC marketplace. http://www.youtube.com/user/RCModelReviews Most of my early video was taken with an aging Panasonic camcorder (of 2002 vintage) and I edited that stuff with Microsoft Movie-maker. Despite these limitations, the results aren't too bad (I think). More recently I've switched to a Sony PJ760VE HD camcorder with "super steady shot" and that's made a huge difference to the quality of the videos. I'm also editing with Sony Movie Studio and that also helps. I'm no expert videographer but if you have any questions about my videos, just ask and I'll try to answer them.

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