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Hey everyone! My channel is mostly of GoPro Tips, Tricks, tutorials, and product reviews. I love helping people understand how to use a GoPro and get the best pictures and videos from the camera. I also am a big quadcopter enthusiast. I have videos showing my aerial work, tutorials, and tips on operating DJI Phantom quadcopters. I post other videos about my life, vlogs, travels, animals, whatever I catch on my camera that I want to share. I put subtitles on all of my videos because I am 90% deaf and I use sign language to communicate. I also sell a lot of accessories for GoPro cameras here in my store http://micbergsma.tv Stoked to be part of the GoPro Family. I have another youtube channel all about scooters, my other passion: Tutorials, Tips, and whatever relates http://www.youtube.com/mitchsscooterstuff Send us FAN MAIL to MicBergsma, LLC PO Box 340075 Austin, TX 78734 FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, & TWITTER ! ! ! DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRiBE!

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